P.O Box 108
Mount Bethel, PA, 18343



Located in eastern Pennsylvania, Woodsmoke Craft is a small family run shop dedicated to bringing you high end, hand crafted quality goods. At Woodsmoke Craft our mission is to bring you unique yet simple handcrafted products from the resources we gather. We take pride in the term “handcrafted”. It is our goal to keep the process of creating pieces as traditional and as machine-free as possible to ensure our quality craftsmanship.

Every item is carefully shaped by hand to make products that will last a lifetime. We strive for the joy you will find in our products as much as we have in creating them. Introducing a Woodsmoke Craft piece into your home tells the story of the tree from which it came and the craftsman that shaped it. 

 Every Woodsmoke Craft item is hand made from a single piece of solid wood unless stated otherwise. This technique shows continuity of grain and a direct visual connection with the tree from which it came. 


We are happy to provide you with our custom services . If you need something built or request a specific item please fill out the form on the contact page and we would be happy to help!



Operation/Call hours

Monday: 8 A.M - 5P.M

Tuesday: 7 A.M - 3 P.M

Wednesday: 7 A.M - 3 P.M

Thursday: 7 A.M - 3 P.M

Friday: 7 A.M - 3 P.M